Sunday, January 16, 2005

We've Only Just Begun

There are two new articles in The Free Press today. Did the “Liberal Media” Get the 2004 Election All Wrong: discusses the fallacy of the liberal media and how the reports of the Democrats demise are greatly exaggerated.

COUNT EVERY VOTE. EVERY VOTE COUNTS: recounts the positive events that are occurring in the election reform movement, moving the country towards a fair and honest election process.

Among these:

• Both Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Senator Barbara Boxer (who initiated the Electoral Challenge), are intending to introduce election changes.

• Democratic Representative John Conyers “wants to establish Election Day as a national holiday, expand early voting options, and create national standards for voter registration, voting hours and ballot recounts.”

• Democratic Representatives Gene Green of Texas, Brian Baird of Washington, and Bill Delehunt of Massachusetts want to do away with the Electoral College.

• Although Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was in Iraq, and not present for the historic challenge to the presidential election, he says he will introduce legislation “to reform our election system, ensuring transparency and accountability,” and have all votes counted.

• Ohio State Senator Teresa Fedor, from Toledo, wants “to improve our system,” thinks we need a paper trail, and that Ohio’s Secretary of State should be prohibited from “holding a campaign office.”


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