Friday, January 21, 2005

We Shall Never Forget

Let us remember the long lines because of the under allocation of voting machines in Democratic areas, the challengers at the polls, improper purging of polling books, vote hopping with electronic voting machines- a vote for Kerry tabulated as a vote for Bush, no paper trail on electronic voting machines, computer malfunctions, 100,000 provisional & machine rejected ballots uncounted due to rule changes mid-stream, illegal intimidation, and misinformation.

Let us remember the thousands who testified at Hearings of their horrendous voting experience and denial of the vote on November 2nd, 2004 throughout Ohio.

Let us remember the true leaders Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, Presidential Candidate David Cobb, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rep. Conyers, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio, plus 30 Congressional Representatives for their courageous leadership during Congressional and Senate Sessions, Congressional Forums and state rallies.

Let us remember the shenanigans of Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, co-chair of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, destroying thousands of registration forms due to “paper weight”, his delay in ratification of the first count, shut down of polling books for post-election inspection, the sabotage of the recount, his refusal to testify to a subpoena over tampering of tabulation machines before the Judiciary Committee and the promise of the Governorship if he,Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell delivered Ohio.


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