Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Tribute to Heroes

Please read this very nice tribute to the Ohio Thirty-Two: Leaders of Principle. These great Americans stood up for our country in one of its darkest hour. We must always remember their selfless devotion to principle and fairness, even as they suffer the abuse of their compromised colleagues and the opposition. We owe them nothing less than our full support in any way possible. These elected patriots are truly the pillars of hope for fair elections in this country. I am personally more grateful for their support than words can say. They will all be immortalized for generations to come.

Also a "must read" is this outstanding tribute to Rep. John Conyers Jr.: The Last Man To Concede. It reads in part:

“I wonder if Americans know, or appreciate, the gargantuan efforts made by Conyers on their behalf -- efforts to expose the administration's almost feral attempt to seize control of the election, our government and, ultimately, democracy itself. Like most Democrats, on that Nov. 3 morning as John Kerry stood before TV cameras and, with obvious relief, conceded the election before it was over, I was caught up in a vortex of depression, disappointment and outrage.

I was half-way out the door in search of a new party -- one that could be depended upon over the long haul -- one that knew the difference between right and wrong and had the courage to stand up for what was right, when I happened to look back. There Conyers was, the last man to concede, doggedly soldiering on for democracy in spite of the absence of his peers, the ridicule of the mainstream media and relentless attacks from Republicans.

So, unable to abandon Conyers, I came back. I am reminded of the words of former vice-president Al Gore, speaking of Kerry at the Democratic Convention in July, ‘He is a friend who will stand by you. His word is his bond. He has a deep patriotism that goes far beyond words. He has devoted his life to making America a better place for all of us.’

That may be true, but for me, it is John Conyers to whom these words of praise should be directed. It is John Conyers who makes me proud to be an American, and if I'm ever proud to be a Democrat again, it will be because of him.

Nobody had to ask him. John Conyers chose to be the last man to concede.”


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