Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tomorrow looks like a go

Keith Olbermann is reporting that up to six Senators plan to support the Congressional challenge to Ohio election results when the electoral votes are opened before a joint session of Congress tomorrow. This would be an historic moment that will, in all likelihood, not overturn the election but will, for the first time, alert the country to the massive fraud that was the Ohio election. The mainstream media will be forced to report it. This will then become the cornerstone of the movement to reform our election processes. You may watch the Superbowl of Democracy live on CSpan at 1:00 EST.

Also, two important reads today. Firstly, there is the second part of The Free Press article posted on this blog Monday. It is entitled: The "Crime of November 2": The human side of how Bush stole Ohio, and why Congress must investigate rather than ratify the Electoral College (Part Two of Two). It reads in part:

“As we careen toward Congress' historic confrontation, we are reminded that above all this is a human tragedy, a moment in time where the world's oldest continuous democracy allowed millions of its citizens to proceed in good faith to its polling places, only to have that good faith cynically abused.

Those who have questioned, investigated, reported and challenged the Ohio vote continue to face facile criticism in exchange for their hard, selfless work. But despite pledges to the contrary, it wasn’t the Kerry campaign or the Democratic Party that convened public hearings after the election to create a record while memories were fresh. It was a coalition of activists, lawyers and independent journalists.”

The second important read, albeit a long 102 pages, is the seminal report from The House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff (Conyers, et. al.) entitled: Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio.


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