Friday, January 07, 2005

Patriotism is Selfless

A theatre marquee honoring a true American Hero

There are some nice tributes to the patriots who are working diligently for election reform and who are owed a big thank you for our small, significant victory yesterday. Checkout: Heroes ( and We Won the Debate (

A touching picture of Senator Boxer tearing up as Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones challenges the Ohio election results. She wasn't the only one.

There was some good coverage from the historic events of yesterday. From the Seattle PI: Making waves nothing new for Sen. Boxer, where Senator Boxer states: "This was a hard decision, but I feel really good about this decision. We cannot keep turning our eyes away from a flawed system particularly as we have people dying in Iraq every day to bring democracy to those people."

Also this quote from Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones: "What are they afraid of [the Republicans]? Why can't we have a debate, why can't we bring these issues to the table?"

The San Francisco Chronicle reporting: Boxer halts official tally to protest Ohio vote She and representative from Cleveland force Congress to discuss election problems. Senator Boxer states: "I was asked by Al Gore not to do so [sign the protest to the 2000 election challenge]. Frankly, looking back, I wished I would have. It was not about Al Gore. It was about the voters.''

And these quotes from The Union Tribune: Boxer joins challenge to Ohio’s vote result:

"If we can say to our young men and women, 'Go overseas, give your life so that the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have the right to vote,' then surely in this Congress we can take a few minutes and step back and debate and discuss irregularities in the United States of America," Tubbs Jones said.

Boxer added, "Everybody knows that the election is over. It's not about overturning the election. For me, it's the opening round in the battle for electoral justice."

Checkout this impassioned letter form Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr: Arnebeck letter to Congress re Presidential Electoral Challenge ending:

"Because of the importance of this matter, history requires that the Ohio 2004 presidential election votes ultimately be accurately counted. If that happens after an inauguration, then, based upon the evidence at hand, history would record that, for a second time, George W. Bush would have been elected on the basis of an incorrect count of the votes that were actually cast and that, for a second time the Congress certified an inaccurate Presidential election result."

Finally these memorable quotes from yesterday: Progressive Democrats lead historic voting rights protest as Congress ratifies flawed 2004 Electoral College tally.

“It is on behalf of those millions of Americans who believe in and value our democratic process and the right to vote that I put forth this objection today,” Tubbs-Jones said. “If they are willing stand at the polls for countless hours in the rain as many did in Ohio, then I can surely stand up for them here in the halls of Congress.”

“We have spent our lives fighting for things we believe in – always fighting to make our nation better,” Boxer told the joint session. “We have fought for social justice. We have fought for economic justice. We have fought for environmental justice. We have fought for criminal justice. Now we must add a new fight – the fight for electoral justice.”

"I raise this objection neither to put the nation in the turmoil of a proposed overturned election nor to provide cannon fodder or partisan demagoguery for my fellow Republican Members of Congress,” Tubb-Jones said. “I raise this objection because I am convinced that we as a body must conduct a formal and legitimate debate about election irregularities. I raise this objection to debate the process and protect the integrity of the true will of the people.”

“Today, our brave men and women of the armed forces are working to bring the right to free and fair elections to Iraq,” Senate Minority Leader Reid said. “Their sacrifice absolutely demands that we work to ensure our own elections are fair. That is what today’s debate is about.”

God bless Senator Barbara Boxer, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Rep. John Conyers Jr., all of their supportive colleagues, and all the activists who are fighting for fair and just elections. History will be kind to all these patriots of conscience. The battle has just begun. We will prevail!


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