Friday, January 14, 2005

Open Letter to the DNC

Dear Democratic National Committee:

I am writing to you regarding the recent fundraising email I received from the DNC, entitled: "One million strong by 1/20/05." Conspicuously absent in your plea for contributions is any mention of national election reform. I trust you are aware of the important work that Rep. John Conyers, Jr. and the Democratic Judiciary Committee did in uncovering the wholesale disenfranchisement of voters in Ohio. If not, I encourage you to read their 102-page report: "Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong In Ohio."

I trust you are also aware that only thirty-two principled, patriotic Democrats stood up to contest the Ohio electoral votes on January 6, while the majority of Democratic Senators and Representatives refused to stand as one with their brave colleagues. You know as well as I do that if the tables were turned, the Republicans would have rallied as one to support their cause.

The Democratic Party took the cowardly approach, more interested in appeasement and perception than the historic opportunity to lend their names and resources to fighting the most important political issue of our time: fair elections. Without a backbone, the Party gets what it deserves because the other side is playing for keeps.

Regardless of how much money the Democrats raise and spend to win future elections, they are ultimately doomed to failure when the process is stacked against them as it was in states such as Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico. In other words, you are playing a fools game.

I am convinced by the actions of the Party that the Democrats, with a few notable exceptions, are giving this issue short shrift. Consequently, I would rather donate my hard earned money to candidates such as David Cobb of the Green Party or any of the other patriots fighting for reform, who unlike Senator Kerry and the Democratic majority did not turn their backs on their loyal supporters and their country.

Kerry and the Democratic majority were AWOL after promising to count every vote and even collecting millions of dollars to do so. Frankly, I feel I am owed a refund from Senator Kerry and the Party whose words were not their bond. Stating that Kerry conceded because he could not win is either disingenuous or outright selfishness. In the end, it was not about who could win; it was about using Kerry’s bully pulpit to highlight the gross irregularities and educate the public in this regard.

I welcome your response to my heartfelt letter, and your assurances that the Democratic Party will get its act together and its tail from between its legs on this most dire issue. Please help me and the 20% (and growing) of the populace, who are certain that our democracy is broken, feel good about the Democratic Party; otherwise I’m certain I speak for this large population who will be forced to look for a new political home, unwilling to throw good money and energy after bad.




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