Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh where oh where can our Senator be?

Read this excellent essay from Jesse Jackson for the Chicago Sun-Times: Senators should object to Ohio vote. Jesse makes the case for standing up to election fraud and challenging the electoral votes on Thursday. As you know, several members of Congress plan to challenge the Ohio electoral slate, but a Senator needs to join the challenge to make it stick. He calls Kerry out to be the first to take a stand, and also challenges the whole Democratic caucus to join in this noble act. History will be kind to the Senator who stands up for democracy.

Regarding the big day on Thursday when Congress counts the electoral votes, Thom Hartmann writes:

“And now, in 2004, we are again visited by a Stalinesque fusion of cronies funding and controlling the election apparatus, national media intimidated into silence, and a populace so preoccupied with daily survival concerns - and uneasy about being identified as ‘troublemakers’ by a new, highly centralized state security apparatus - that they don't have the means or time to react.

Yet react we must.”

“Given how often Republicans in the House and Senate have placed the interest of their party's power above the needs and interests of democracy or the nation in the past few decades, it's extremely unlikely that a challenge will result in a change in the election.

But - vitally - it will put the issues of vote fraud in America on the table in a way that even the mainstream media can no longer ignore. And it may lead to getting private, Republican-affiliated corporations out of handling our votes in secret, and to other electoral reforms such as IRV and public financing of elections. It could be a huge step in pulling us back from the brink of the Stalinist state the Bush administration seems determined to lead us into.”

There is also a good read from http://www.truthout.org/, entitled: Stand Up, Senator. It reads:

“In a perfect world, all 100 Senators would stand up because of one simple fact: They are where they are because of the vote, and if they do not protect that vote, it may be them looking at the short end of the stick come some future Election Day. All 100 should stand, but it only takes one. It only takes one to move us closer to that more perfect union, where every vote counts and every vote is counted, where the citizenry can trust that the people leading them were properly chosen, where partisans acting in the dark of night to thwart that simple, admirable goal are exposed and purged from our system.”

Listen to the latest from Break for News. As always, an excellent piece.

Lastly, Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, who fancies himself Governor, brags in his own fundraising letter of his prowess at “delivering” the state of Ohio for Bush. The author notes that “Blackwell’s use of the word ‘deliver’ finds striking resonance with another controversial fundraising letter sent by the CEO of voting machine manufacturer Diebold Walden O’Dell in the summer of 2003 when he said he was ‘committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.’”

This guy has chutzpah, but cheaters never prosper Mr. Secretary. By the way, Jesus is watching…


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