Sunday, January 09, 2005

The New Civil Rights Movement Is Born

Please read this awesome article from Fintan Dunne of Break for News: The Reborn Civil Rights Movement is 'In the House’. It reads:

"The evidence indicates that the Republicans and their corporate backers had not slid accidentally into election fraud. They had been covertly engineering such fraud as a deliberate political strategy. They had cornered the market in voting machines. They had 'streamlined' the TV networks' exit poll reporting system -rendering it easier to manipulate..


Which was when a surprising thing happened. Something that has not happened before. A broad Internet-based civil rights political movement was born, out of mutual outrage. On the ether.


De-facto fascism had beckoned in those months after the November election. If the stealing of the 2004 election had passed unchallenged, any remaining vestiges of democratic politics would have been destroyed. Thankfully the principled among us rose to the occasion and averted such a calamity.That's why the Republicans were busy deriding the ‘bloggers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ on the Internet. They know the threat.


As in South Africa, the charge is being led by a coalition of white and black political groupings, centered on establishing the right to a fair stake and voting rights free of racist exclusion.

Once again these reformers face bullying opponents with the same deeply bigoted, narrow-minded, shallow pose of superiority which looks down on ethnic groups whose culture they fear and despise.

As before, the elitists control all the organs of the state and enforce their rule by undermining due process, by enacting emergency laws and with the brute force of their military prowess.

Just as in South Africa they dictate what the media say and they ostracize and intimidate those who speak out.

Once again, an alliance of activists, lawyers, journalists and liberal-minded politicians are battling a government which is deeply unpopular around the world.


The current American regime will likely go the way of South Africa's antidemocratic elitists. History is not on their side. But first the new political movement will need to look to its achievements and focus on immediate objectives, if vital momentum is not to be lost.

In politics as in war, if you are not going forward... you are going backward. The electoral challenge countercoup has been noted. By successfully mobilizing the electoral challenge, you just made first base. Sitting back on your laurels invites becoming a target.

Momentum is all. Carry on.

Around America and around the world, many who heard of your stand are taking notice. The catcalls of the Republicans arouse their interest rather than deter it.

Election fraud? Tell us more.


The electoral challenge has bestowed legitimacy on the growing movement to expose election fraud and reinstate voting civil rights. Building on that, by the time Jan 20th arrives, we can render the pretender's claim the transparent fraud many already suspect it to be.”


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