Monday, January 03, 2005

It is almost Thursday

My personal hero, Representative John Conyers Jr., the ranking minority leader of the House Judiciary, has confirmed that he plans to formally object to the counting of the Ohio votes this Thursday when Congress meets to ratify the election results. In an article entitled: Conyers to object to Ohio vote count, certification, he states: "We're not going to roll over and surrender when we know there have been countless voting irregularities in Ohio. This is the second time that George W. Bush had a one-state victory that is hugely controversial. We are asking for careful consideration by the House and Senate. Voting is the key to a Democratic system."

Regarding the requirement for a Senator to join in the challenge, Conyers said: "We're talking to a number of senators. I think we're going to get some [senators' support on Thursday] this time. I don't think they'll embarrass themselves again. They left it up to Michael Moore last time."

Meanwhile the challenge in Ohio still stands, but the Bush Campaign has asked the chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court to dismiss the case.

In Ohio today, a rally was held to contest the Ohio election results, with Jesse Jackson in attendance. "If privatized, high-tech voter manipulation, calibration, tabulation is not stopped, it will undermine the foundation of all the democratic elections," says Jackson. Ohio Republicans, for their part, state the challenge has: "Gone from nuisance to absurdity.” Why won’t them damn liberals just shut up and engage in some good old fashion, American apathy?

In Florida, nearly 2/3 of the provisional ballots were rejected on the grounds that the voters were not registered to vote. This represents 17,000 rejected provisional ballots out of a total of 27,000. Frankly I personally have a hard time believing that 17,000 people do not understand you must be registered to vote. The more likely scenario is they registered to vote but something happened to their registrations or their names were purged from the roles. False registration and name purging were techniques used to disenfranchise voters in several states. Voters need a way to easily confirm their registration prior to election day.

And finally, especially for my friend Cowboy (to make it easy for you), here is a rundown of the irregularities that occurred in Ohio: Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute, and why Congress must investigate rather than certify the Electoral College (Part One of Two). Happy reading…


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