Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I Me Mine

Truthout .org published a Monday interview with Senator John Kerry’s brother, Cameron: Interview from Camp Kerry. I could hardly contain my frustration while reading it, especially when I got to the following part:

“But we [Team Kerry] looked at it hard [the election result in Ohio], and there just wasn't the kind of razor-thin margin that we had in Florida in 2000 to work with, or that Christine Gregoire was dealing with in Washington State. The three million vote margin nationally made it difficult, but there was enough of a margin in Ohio that I think we could have closed that margin but would still have been some tens of thousands of votes short.”

This is an unforgivable copout. Once again we see that Team Kerry is fixated on their man winning rather than the bigger principle of standing up against a criminal election. For Team Kerry, it is always about Kerry and if he could win. This is incredibly selfish and speaks to Kerry and his sycophant’s self-serving character.

It is not about you Senator. It is about massive disenfranchisement and doing the right thing for your country regardless of the hit you take. It is about speaking out against election atrocities while you still had the bully pulpit. Patriotism is selfless, and the Senator chose to be AWOL on this one. He abandoned the most important political issue of our time (fair elections) at its hour of greatest need because he “couldn’t win the presidency.” Give me a break! Tell it to someone with half a brain…


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