Sunday, January 09, 2005

Houston: We hit a nerve

Watch and listen to the speech given by Tom Delay, on Thursday, as a response (at the end of the two hour debate) to the electoral challenge in the House. Quite amazing: full of lies, deceit, anger, mistruths, rage, hate, belittling, sneering, and defensiveness. Totally failing to acknowledge irrefutable facts, or for that matter, debate the actual reasons for the challenge. He chose, instead, to impugn the challenger’s (patriot’s) facts and motives. What Kool-Aid is this man drinking? Talk about the “big lie.” What is he so afraid of?

I think we must have struck a cord here. I do believe we hit a soft spot. I think this inquiry is a little to close for Mr. Delay’s comfort. Ever get the feeling you’re on to something? How else can you logically explain it?

Wouldn’t a leader with nothing to hide welcome enquiry to ease the mind of the 20% (and growing) of the citizenry (many whom he represents) who believe that something was amiss in this last election? Why all the vitriolic speeches Tom, from you and all the other fine Republican Senators and Representatives “representing the interests of the people.”

Tom Delay’s speech mirrors all the other Republican speeches of the day in both the House and the Senate. They appeared genuinely frightened. As if they are fighting for their lives. What do they have to fear by clearing the air on perceived disenfranchisement? How can any ethical, honest person be against fair elections; unless of course they know something that they do not want us to find out? What aren’t they telling us? Why do they want us to go away so badly: To just go away and shut up.

When you look at their reactions to the reasonable requests for honest elections, the only logical answer to Republican responses, coupled with their stonewalling of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), is that they have something to hide, or rather something to gain by keeping the current system of proprietary, non-auditable, non-transparent, easily falsified elections in place.

Me truly thinks the Republicans doeth protest too much...


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