Thursday, January 06, 2005

Historic Day

Today is a monumental day for patriots of conscience. Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones stood tall and bravely for democracy, being the only Senator and Member of Congress to act as signatories, lending their good names and objecting to the Ohio electoral votes for Bush on the grounds of irrefutable, massive election fraud. Thirty-one of our courageous sisters and brothers in Congress also lent their good names to this important cause and voted to support the objection.

Although many members were willing to speak publicly of the need for election reform, several of these same speakers chose not to officially lend their support and voted nay. Talk is cheap! This is the second time in history that the House and Senate were forced to consider a challenge to the presidential count, the first occurring in 1877.

This is a positive harbinger of the reform to follow. Even though justice was ultimately not served today and we once more have an un-elected president, the media will be forced to cover this historic event and thereby shed light on an issue that a majority of Americans are unaware due to the lapses of our right wing press and Senator Kerry’s unwillingness to act.

The fact that thirty-two of our representatives were willing to take a stand is significant. It signals that democracy is not dead, and there is still hope if we refuse to give up championing for a fair, non-proprietary, transparent, and auditable election process in this country.

Please show your commitment to these exemplary American patriots, and pledge your support to them in all future endeavors. Also consider sending each of them a note of commendation for being true American heroes of democracy. You may use this form for convenience. Besides Boxer in the Senate, here is the list documenting how members of Congress voted.


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