Saturday, January 15, 2005

Destroying the Evidence

David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential candidate, has accused New Mexico election officials with the deliberate obstruction of justice after they gave counties the go ahead to clear electronic voting machines while a court case is still pending for a recount of the state. This would destroy critical data mandatory for determining why New Mexico had the largest number of under-votes (recording no vote for president) in the country, including several other irregularities.

David Cobb stated: "The conduct of New Mexico's Governor and Secretary of State has gone from bad to worse. They have gone from showing a complete disregard for New Mexico law and for the integrity of the democratic process to deliberately obstructing justice. This is outrageous and makes you wonder what they are trying to hide."

A temporary restraining order is being filed against the state canvassing board and county clerks to prevent the clearing of the voting machines.

Cobb-LaMarche Media Director Blair Bobier remarked: "New Mexico’s Governor and Secretary of State are doing such a poor job of following state law that they’re starting to make Ohio’s Kenneth Blackwell look good by comparison.”

Now that’s quite a statement. I didn’t know being more corrupt than Blackwell was possible. Live and learn...


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