Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yes Virginia, there are ethical and fair Republicans

Keith Olbermann has a new post on his blog, Time to separate the wheat from the chaff, discussing the myriad of stories regarding election irregularities. Although I think he gets most of it right, other concerns such as the Hocking County, Triad machine tampering (where Keith takes the technician at his word), taking Congressman Feeney’s word (re: Clint Curtis) at face value, and the media failing to adequately cover the issues are all given short shrift. He “rolls over” much too easily on these fronts, defying a full logical analysis of issues by the most lenient of standards.

There is also a glaring omission of the most obvious and indisputable disenfranchisement: the shorting of voting machines in heavily Democratic precincts, not to mention the unexplained exit polls where Mitofsky refuses to reveal the raw data to prove the validity of his numbers. Come on Keith! How about all the intimidation, the purging of the voting rolls, and the thousands of other well documented election irregularities? What’s up with the picking and choosing of “facts?” When I read these types of posts, I question whether Mr. Olbermann is more foe than friend and if he is ultimately looking out for the interests of MSNBC. I'm just saying...

Here is another take on Olbermann's post, specifically regrading the Clint Curtis case.

Another piece from Dr. Richard Hayes, Election results in Southwestern Ohio, challenges the validity of the Ohio results and Bush’s win based on the likelihood of the given results.

In Washington State, gubernatorial race, recount news, the Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed stated that heavily Democratic King County has the same rights of every other county to correct errors during the recount, contrary to the rhetoric of the Republican rank and file. “If the court rules that King County can't count the 735 disputed ballots, Reed says, that means no county should have been able to reconsider ballots after the initial count.” This means that recently discovered votes in Republican counties that favored the Republican Rossi (which the State Republican Chair never mentions) will need to be subtracted from the tally. Yes Virginia, there are ethical and fair Republicans after all. Thank you Mr. Reed.

There is also this excellent commentary on the Washington State race entitled Democrats advocate a cherished value. It states:

“Vance's [State Republican Chair] charge is ludicrous that Democrats in the Seattle area are trying to steal the election. Fraud is a grave charge.

To use Vance's rhetoric, Democrats are pursuing an 'Armageddon'-type outcome that will ‘blow up’ the state's election system. To the contrary, Democrats are advocating a cherished democratic value that every vote be counted. Like Asotin and Kitsap, discrepancies in King County do not confirm Vance's inflammatory charges. Such unusually harsh charges warrant verifiable evidence.

The real nuclear bomb in this election is one that can blow up civil society with obstreperous speech, leading to uncivil consequences. Most of us do not want our state ‘uglied’ in like manner to Florida in 2000. We want to raise our children in an environment of respect for public institutions and respect for one another.”


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