Sunday, December 12, 2004

What's round on both sides and rotten in the middle?

Demonstrators in Ohio are urging the Ohio Electoral College Delegation, which is scheduled to meet on Monday to cast its 20 electoral votes, to delay it’s gathering until the legally authorized state recount has completed. John Bonifaz, of the National Voting Rights Institute, said, “In Ohio, there has not been a final determination. Therefore, any meeting of the Electoral College in Ohio prior to a full recount would in fact be an illegitimate gathering.” Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell has pulled out "all the stops" in an effort to stall the recount as long as possible, even impeding it (he promised Keith Olbermann he would support it) last Friday by locking-down public voting records, a clear violation of Ohio State Law.

The Ohio State recount is also scheduled to begin tomorrow, as is the Congressman Conyers Election Forum.

Meanwhile tonight, Kerry has once again weighed in asking Ohio election officials to allow his people to visually inspect 92,000 ballots cast that registered no vote for president.

And lastly, more public hearing transcripts on voter irregularities in guess where?

Need I say, this is going to be a very telling week in the Buckeye State. Fasten your seat belts and place your seats in their full upright and locked position.


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