Friday, December 24, 2004

"Reed" the news, it's over Rossi

So Rossi and the Washington State Republicans have decided to put out a fire with gasoline, or rather piss on Gregoire all the way to the Governor’s mansion. Talk about “sore loserman.” In Washington, you have an election where the time was taken to follow due process and meticulously determine the winner in what was the closest race in the nation.

Dino Rossi, the Republican loser (in more ways than one, it appears), stated a few weeks ago that if he was in the same situation as Gregoire where the official count showed him losing, he would graciously concede in the best interest of the State and its citizenry. We’re waiting Mr. Rossi.

Now that the legal and final tally (as dictated by State Law) is in, he is quoted as saying, “I know many Washingtonians are hoping this will end soon, but I'm also sure that people across this state want a clean election and a legitimate governor-elect. At this point, we have neither.” His spokeswomen, Karen Hughes, I mean Mary Lane, goes further stating, “It's a total sham. If Chris Gregoire thinks democracy was well served by this, she's out of her mind. It hasn't been fair. It hasn't been consistent. It hasn't been democratic.” What is more democratic than counting all the votes to the letter of the law, Ms. Lane?

Then there is the honorable Republican Secretary of State, Sam Reed, who says he considers the race over. He continues, “If they have seen something that is just wrong that would change the outcome of the race, I would in no way begrudge their right to file a contest.” In other words, nothing short of proof of fraud will sway this election result. Reed will certify the results on Thursday, and Gregoire will be sworn in on January 12.


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