Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Las Vegas Casinos Put U.S. Election Safeguards to Shame

Here is more correspondence from the great Congressman Conyers. There is the letter requesting the leadership in Ohio to delay the electoral vote certification until the recount is complete, especially considering all the obstacles from Secretary of State Blackwell. Moot now, I guess... The follow-up letter to Warren Mitofsky regarding his refusal to provide the congressional committee the raw exit pool data that appears to show irregularities. And finally there is the letter to Blackwell concerning his refusal to cooperate with the Judiciary Democratic members. The missive begins:

“I am in receipt of your December 14 response to the letter I, and eleven other Member of the House Judiciary Committee, wrote to you on December 2. Frankly, I find your response disappointing and unacceptable and I am dismayed that it took nearly two weeks for you to proffer a letter that does not respond to a single one of our 36 questions.”

It ends:

“Your refusal to answer the 36 questions we posed to you is unfortunate and part of a pattern of decisions that have worked to obstruct and stonewall a search for the truth about Ohio voting irregularities. If these allegations are as obviously baseless as you have claimed, it would seem that you could perform a public service by dispelling them. The voters deserve no less.

I, therefore, renew my request for you to respond to these inquiries and remain faithful to the commitment you made, through our spokesman, to assist our search for the truth”

And from the demur Senator Kerry, a
copy of the official Kerry-Edwards position on handling the Ohio recount. It was sent to the individual Boards of Election in each Ohio County. It begins, "On behalf of John Kerry and John Edwards I am making the following requests regarding the conduct of the recount." It then goes on to list eleven requests.

Several anti vote fraud rallies occurred last Sunday. Here are photos (set one and set two) from one in Austin, Texas, and another in Nashville, Tennessee.

In Washington State recount news today, the State Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the Democratic lawsuit to have thousands of previously rejected ballots examined. Republicans argued that you should not be able to change the rules in the middle of the game. I never knew democracy was a game. In any case, Gregoire, the Democrat, probably does not need these extra ballots to pull ahead of Rossi once the heavily Democratic count in King County is complete, just before Christmas.

Did you know that gamblers in Las Vegas are given more protections than the U.S. electorate? This is absolutely incredible. Safeguards include: gambling machine software may be audited at any time by gaming officials, gamblers have the right to an immediate investigation if there are any suspicions of unfairness, and the gambling certification board may not have any relationship with the equipment manufactures. You need to
check this out. I guess a fair election is not worth a poker chip.

Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up provides an excellent overview of what is transpiring in Ohio. The story concludes:

"All across America, Americans
are demonstrating against fraud in our elections. They are marching, carrying candles in the dark. They are praying and they are reaching out to the discouraged and those who feel shocked at the hooliganism that has taken over and stripped the decency away from Americans who once held decency dear. Hooligans, if they could see themselves, are naked and their words like vomit on the altars of the churches. Yes, you can win an election by stealing it, but you’ll never be able to look at yourself in the mirror and respect the bloated coercive spirit behind the facile smile that stares back at you. If you were trusted with the sacred votes of trusting Americans and you embezzled them, 'flipped' them as some call it, or stuffed the boxes, you are a moral disgrace, a sick and perverted individual. May God have mercy on your soul."


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