Saturday, December 04, 2004

Kerry Gains 17,000 Votes In Ohio Certification

The certified Ohio vote count is in. Kerry gained 17,000 more votes than Bush, lessening Bush’s “win” from the unofficial difference of 136,000 votes to an official difference of 119,000 votes. This represents a positive gain for Kerry of 12.5% of the unofficial difference, boding well for the outcome of a “fair” recount. Now lets take a closer look at all that ballot spoilage.

Speaking of the recount, on Friday, a U.S. District Judge in Columbus denied the county’s board of elections’ request to stop the recount. Furthermore, a Federal Judge ruled on Friday against another attempt to stop the recount. Thus, the stage is set for a full recount of Ohio. This is a very positive development. Please pass the chads.

Time now becomes the enemy.


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