Friday, December 03, 2004

Its A Fool's Game

Here is a good article on just how low the Republicans were willing to go in Philadelphia during the 2004 election.

"And I kept hearing about how Bush was winning on 'morality' and with the 'evangelical' vote." They have the "audacity to applaud their own morals while they manipulate the very people who need democracy to work for them."

There have been several claims of disenfranchisement and outright fraud in this election, especially in Ohio. Regardless of where you stand on any of these charges, the fact that voting machines were distributed in a manner to create inordinately long lines in heavily Democratic leaning precincts is indisputable. You cannot easily witness voting machines with trick software and erroneous tallies, or backroom manipulation of vote accumulation spreadsheets. But the whole world could easily do the math to determine the ridiculous ratio on Election Day of voters to voting machines. The whole world could witness the result of too few voting machines as evident by the ridiculously long lines, causing countless voters to leave without voting due to their family and job commitments. The whole world can see the results of the long lines when looking at the ludicrously low percentage of voters as compared to the number of registered voters in these short-changed precincts. And finally, the whole world can see that these circumstances did not exist in Republican leaning precincts, where lines were short to non-existent and percentages were as expected, way higher than their Democratic counterparts.

The mainstream media and Democratic Party (not to mention all people of conscience) are absolutely remiss for not demanding redress and prosecutions for this blatantly, obvious discriminatory and criminal activity that is clearly a federal offense. These activities are discussed in Voter Suppression: Stealing Votes In Ohio Urban Areas and The Ever Bolder Republican Plan To Keep Black Ballots Out of the Count.

Did Kerry win Florida? Here is analysis that says he very likely did.

The mainstream press has awoken from its slumber; at least in regards to Kerry joining the Ohio recount effort. This news has been widely reported in many publications, such as the Boston Herald, the Seattle Times, and the New York Times .

One last thought. It is absolutely pathetic listening to Democratic strategists agonize about what the Party did wrong and how to appeal to more citizens the next time around so that they may win elections. They are totally “missing the boat.” If voting is not auditable and not transparent, resulting in the easy manipulation of ballots, all the soul searching in the world will not change a thing. Wake up morons! The system is rigged!

How about we put all of our energy in to guaranteeing the integrity of the voting process before we spend a single moment worrying about anything else. Paper trails, a consistent process / method nationwide, bipartisan oversight at all steps in the process, and a system that allows people to vote quickly and efficiently are paramount.

Republicans take note. Democrats can fix an election just as easily. Tomorrow, the shoe may be on the other foot…


Blogger Noah said...

Great entry. Although it's a wildly hypothetic scenario, I have to admit I'd rather Bush win legitimately than Kerry steal it. I agree with you -- until we live in a country that holds fair democratic elections, little else in the system holds water. And it is infuriating that many liberals have snapped willingly into loser mode, but what matters is that many haven't. You need millions of people to uphold a status quo, but it only takes a handful of revolutionaries to change it.

9:36 PM  
Blogger justice said...

Thank you for your critique and thoughtful comments Noah. I could not agree with you more. Most people are followers, while the movers and shakers are but a few. I believe Socrates said, "99% of Athenians can be wrong about something." On the other hand, Exene Cervenka sang, “The meek shall inherit the earth; but by then, it won’t be worth much."

Apathy is the enemy. Keep up the good fight brother.

By the way, is that you singing on "The Election Was Stolen?" I am waiting for the MTV video.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Noah said...

It is me. I've been trying to come up with a clearer mix, because people keep telling me it's hard to hear the lyrics. Maybe soon. I would LOVE to make a video for it...hmmm...

10:45 AM  

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