Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Iraq tells U.S. election fraud is unacceptable

Ohio Republican election officials ignored a subpoena Monday and Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell refused to appear at a deposition challenging the legitimacy of the election. This described in an article from The Free Press, entitled: Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray. This as Kerry filed, as expected, legal action to preserve voting records that may be used as evidence of fraud (see also: Conspiracies theorized, or conspiracies invoked?).

The piece describes:

* Voters testifying they received punch-card ballots pre-punched for Bush.
* A notarized affidavit from a woman stating a machine in her Democratic Precinct did not have a cartridge, which makes it likely none of the votes cast on it were recorded.
* Miami County, where a 98.5% voter turnout was recorded, yet canvassing of the precinct debunks a turnout of this size.
* Requested voting records came directly from a private firm.
* Several affidavits of “vote hopping,” where machines were preset to record a vote for Bush as proven by the fact that machines showed a vote for Bush before the voter voted.
* How Ohio touts, as evidence of fairness, that Democrats were involved in overseeing the counting of ballots, yet these same Democrats are beholden to Secretary of State Blackwell for their jobs.
* The certainty that several members of the Congressional Black Caucus plan to challenge the validity of the electoral votes when the Electoral College meets on January 6, but so far a required Senator has not committed to the challenge.

To the latter point, there is the Contest the Vote effort to convince a Senator to support this cause, and also a group calling itself the Coalition Against Election Fraud that is organizing a daily vigil at Kerry’s home from 12/28 to 1/5 in an effort to appeal for his direct support in challenging the election results.

There is also this post from Keith Olbermann: Kerry lawyer: does the re-election warrant the public trust? It states: “Kerry’s signature might not even be sought. There has been ‘very serious’ contact among the staffs of leading Democrats in both houses about the implications of the challenge, according to a congressional figure privy to that contact. He estimates for us that the chance of a Senator actually signing on has — in the last week — risen from almost nothing, to upwards of one third.”

Now in the “You knew I was a snake before you let me in” category, you must read this amazing article from Reuters entitled: Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result. It states that Iraqi election officials rejected a suggestion from the U.S. to adjust votes to benefit the Sunni minority, whom Washington favors. To Iraq’s credit, an Iraqi spokesman who labeled the request “unacceptable” further stated: “Who wins, wins. That is the way it is. That is the way it will be in the election.”

It appears that what is modus operandi in the U.S. is not how it will be done in Iraq. In other words, an Iraqi election may very well be more legitimate than a U.S. election. It also appears that our government is getting much more overt in their tactics. I guess when you have the Presidency, the Senate, the Congress, the Courts, the key Secretaries of State, and oh yah, the voting machine manufacturers in your back pocket, there is no longer a need to be discrete in such matters.


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