Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The 2004 Election Fraud Story Keeps Growing

There were some interesting developments today. Bev Harris of Black Box Voting confronts Theresa LePore yesterday, serving her with a lawsuit for failure to comply with a public records request in Florida. It turns out they confront her onstage at her retirement party. Oh well. Obstructing justice has its inconveniences. Then, Keith Olbermann’s raises some good questions regarding Bev’s tactics and motives. Now I have been very proud of Bev and her efforts on the part of the 2004 election, but Olbermann’s concerns need to be answered by Bev. Bev?

On the Ohio front, a Delaware County judge, on November 23, issued a temporary restraining order in an effort to block the scheduled recount in his county. Green party attorneys asked a federal court judge, on November 30, to dissolve the restraining order. This after the Ohio Secretary of State, Blackwell, stated on MSNBC Countdown Monday night that a full Ohio recount would occur. Then, low and behold, later in the day, the Kerry campaign weighed in and filed papers in support of dissolving the restraining order and proceeding with the recount. Now today, the federal judge who heard the case refused to uphold the Delaware County restraining order and set a hearing for the recount on Friday, December 3, to consider the matter further. The saga continues with democracy in the balance...

Here is an interesting Cliff Arnebeck (public interest lawyer filing a lawsuit in the Ohio Supreme Court) and Jesse Jackson interview from Ohio yesterday, discussing the case for voting disenfranchisement.

Some justice was served when Bush's former New England campaign chairman was indicted for jamming Democrat get-out-the-vote phone lines during the 2002 election. Shows you what these people are capable of doing.

Here is a great open letter to the house minority leader Nancy Pelosi asking why she and the Democrats are AWOL on the 2004 voter fraud issue, and the actual video, referenced in the letter, showing Republican congressman Pete King state at a White House 2003 BBQ that “…the election’s [2004] over. We Won. It’s all over except the counting – and we’ll take care of the counting.”

As always, there are a couple great articles from The Free Press. One describing the vote tally anomalies in Warren County, where the infamous lock down occurred. And the other describing Jesse Jackson’s plan to return to Columbus on Thursday as his organization Rainbow/PUSH files a legal challenge to overturn Ohio’s election results, and how the election was stolen. The article accurately states, “We are not backing down. What's at stake here is not just a single presidential election, but the right of all Americans to vote and to have those votes counted in all future elections." Amen brother!

And finally, two articles highlighting the 2004 irregularities from the New York Daily News, entitled Ohio tally fit for Ukraine, and the other from The Boston Globe documenting voting errors tallied nationwide.


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