Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Ohio Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections


Columbus Election Irregularities Video and Audio

Watch the amazing video documenting the election irregularities at the polls.

Listen to the 11/13 hearings and sworn testimony of Ohio election irregularities.

And lastly, listen to the press converence in Ohio on 11/20 announcing the intension to contest the Ohio election.

Kiev? What about Cleveland?

Jesse Smells Fish in Ohio

In Cleveland, as in Kiev, Ukraine, citizens have the right to know that the election is run fairly and every vote counted honestly.


Monday, November 29, 2004

Olbermann discusses the Ohio recount.

It's Alive - It's Alive

Recount SI, Jesse No

Port Townsend's Black Box TEA Party

Cool protest photos from Washington State Vote Fraud Rally


Jackson on CNN Crossfire Talks About Election Fraud

Jesse Jackson interview by Paul Begala and that douche bag Robert Novak:


BEGALA: Good, sir.

JACKSON: Very good.

NOVAK: Reverend Jackson, you know, I don't know if you noticed it, but Senator Kerry said, let's -- this, let's put this behind us. There's no way we can make up enough votes in Ohio to carry the state. And, you know, Jesse you may not have noticed it, but it was -- John Kerry was the candidate. You weren't the candidate. Why can't you go along with John on this?

JACKSON: I fought for the right to vote before John Kerry ever decided to run for the presidency. The principle is bigger than him. The election is not certified 27 days later. The count continues. You know, before the election even started, there were 30,000 people they sought to eliminate, to say they had the wrong wait of paper, and the judge overruled that. Then the provisional ballots, there were 155,000 of them. They're not yet counted, because, in the spring of the year, if you were in the county, you could vote. They shifted it to, you could only vote in the precinct in November. But since they consolidated many precincts, it led to much confusion. There are also 92,000 unprocessed ballots. And so, 27 days later, the process continues. John Kerry conceded much too quickly.

BEGALA: Well, Reverend, but Kerry did lose Ohio reportedly by 136,483 votes. You don't really think that there's 137,000 more Kerry votes there, do you?

JACKSON: Well, there are several things at work here. No. 1, Ellen Connally ran for Supreme Court in the same election. And, in the Cleveland area, Cuyahoga County, Kerry had 120,000 votes more than she had. Down in the area of Butler, Clermont and Warren, she had 190,000 votes more than Kerry had. That suggests that something went awry. And that's why we need a thorough investigation with forensic computer analysts to see, in fact, was there electronic vote tampering? All we know today is that the counting is not over. And why wouldn't it be three weeks later that you do not have a certified election?

NOVAK: Reverend Jackson, in 1960, the first election I covered, they stole the election from Richard Nixon in Illinois. In Texas, there was a difference of less than 12,000 votes. And they took care of those very nicely. But Nixon never protested. They Republicans never protested because, in the interests of the country, they didn't want to have -- put the country through something. You surely don't want some kind of a question of whether who won this election, when it's not 10,000 or 12,000 votes. It's, as Paul says, what, 136,000 votes.

JACKSON: Well, we should be better 44 years later in the counting of an election. I mean, if we can protest an unfair election, a questionable one in Ukraine, why can't we have a good one here in our own country? The point is, there are court suits asking, A, that all ballots be counted. So far, Mr. Novak, all ballots have not been counted; 92,000 unprocessed ballots have not been counted; 155,000 provisional votes have not all yet been counted. And so to expect all votes to count is reasonable. Whether Kerry win or loses, let the winner win and the loser lose, but count all the votes. That's a reasonable democratic expectation.

BEGALA: Reverend Jesse Jackson, thanks very much.

Jackson is the Man

Stories covering Jesse Jackson questioning the validity of the vote in Ohio.

Nearly a Month Later, Ohio Fight Goes On

Jesse Jackson seeks voting probe

Jesse Jackson demands Ohio presidential recount, blasts GOP election officials, and says Kerry supports the process

COLUMBUS--Preaching to a packed, wildly cheering central Ohio citizen congregation, Rev. Jesse Jackson blasted the presidential election back into the national headlines Sunday. Jackson said new findings cast serious doubt on the idea that George W. Bush beat John Kerry in Ohio November 2. A GOP "pattern of intentionality" was behind a suspect outcome, he said. At stake is "the integrity of the vote" for which "too many have died." "We can live with losing an election," he said. "We cannot live with fraud and stealing."


US Vote Fraud 2004:Sworn Testimony

Sworn statements from public hearings held at the Franklin County Courthouse, Ohio, on November 15. Vert disturbing.


Guest Viewpoint: Integrity of America's voting system is in danger


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kerry Supports Ohio Vote Investigation, Jackson says

This is damning evidence. You go Reverend!

The reason these vote counts are suspect is because Connelly, a retired African-American judge, was vastly outspent in her race, and did not have the visibility of the presidential race. Thus for a more obscure Democratic candidate, farther down on the ticket, to get a quarter of a million more votes statewide than Kerry, suggests something happened to suggest there may have been a transfer of Kerry votes to Bush.

“Statistically, Kerry, as the Democratic presidential candidate, should have more votes than Connally. In a presidential election, most voters have the priority of casting a vote for president and the votes for president are almost always much higher than those of candidates farther down the ticket. When voters vote for Democratic candidates farther down the ticket, it is usually being driven by a sample ballot from the Party, starting at the top with president. Many voters simply don’t vote for Supreme Court justices. It is highly improbable that Connally’s vote totals would be so much higher than Kerry’s,” Fitrakis said.



Faith Based Voting

Electronic voting machines and the private companies that operate the voting systems and count the votes have “eliminated any public oversight,” investigative journalist and critic of voting machines Lynn Landes told AFP. We now have “faith-based voting,” she said.


Rights group sues over election results in Volusia County


Ohio Democratic Party Participates in Ohio Recount

Press release from the Ohio Democratic Party.

Group Files Suit To Overturn Rejected Ballots


SC orders more touch-screen voting machines

Yikes! Those who do not learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Electile Dysfunction

Link to an interesting, documentary trailer on, you guessed it, dysfunctional elections. Could never happen in the good ol' US of A, could it?


Favoritism in the suburbs

It is bad enough that the voting machines were not equitably distributed. What makes this worthy of civil or criminal investigation is the pattern of providing machines to suburban Republican precincts and denying them to urban Democratic precincts. I am quite weary of hearing about low voter turnout in urban neighborhoods. The turnout would have been higher if voters had been provided equal access to the polls, as required by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and the Voting Rights Act.


Kerry clutches to hopes of recount victory

"I think that a recount in Ohio, if done properly, will show a narrow Kerry victory and he should be inaugurated hopefully by January 20, 2005," the Washington D.C.-based, clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at George Washington University Medical Center said."The disruption and cries of foul will be huge," the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst said. "But I think Bush lost. Kerry people are finally joining in, though I think they have been active all along, just quietly."



Won't you please come to Ohio...

Finally, please raise your voice – loudly! - in support of democracy. Write to your local newspapers. Call in to television and radio talk shows. Help to turn the tide away from acceptance of an election that had numerous irregularities in every state in the union. No matter who raises his hand to take the presidential oath on January 20th, we must work to be sure that a viable democracy is in place in 2006 and beyond. Please join us!


Momentum builds for January 20 counter-inaugural demonstration in Washington DC

Chilean President Richard Lagos' government took the unusual step yesterday of announcing that Bush would have diplomatic immunity during his visit. The declaration was made after some activists filed a criminal complaint against Bush in court, claiming that he and other U.S. officials were guilty of war crimes in Iraq.


Suit Seeks Provisional Ballots Re-Examined


Fundamental flaws put our voting system at risk

The notion that the 2004 presidential election ran "smoothly" is a myth. In fact, the system is flawed, and significant barriers to the ballot box remain, especially for minorities and the poor.


Voter suppression efforts mired election


Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularies


What Were the Odds That Bush Would Win?

Media Muzzled!

Although the Internet is full of claims of election fraud -- and they have been reported in England, Canada and elsewhere -- the story is virtually nonexistent in the major U.S. media. Bev Harris says, ¨I have been told by sources that are fairly high up in the media -- particularly TV -- that there is now a lockdown on this story. It´s officially ´Let´s move on´ time.¨ On Nov. 6, Project Censored award-winning author Thom Hartman said, "So far, the only national 'mainstream' media outlet to come close to this story was Keith Olbermann, when he noted that it was curious that all the voting machine irregularities so far uncovered seemed to favor Bush. In the meantime, the Washington Post and other media are now going through single-bullet-theory-like contortions to explain how the exit polls had failed.

...and the beat goes on...


Tens of Thousands of Votes Lost, Stolen, Miscounted

That so many people suspect misplay undermines not only the legitimacy of the president, but faith in the foundations of this democracy.


North Carolina's ballot blues


Friday, November 26, 2004

How Electronic Voting Impacts the Trustworthiness of our Elections


We've Been Had!

Conservative Lawyer Backs Vote Fraud


The Resounding Silence Continues. How Much is Enough for the Media to Cover Votergate 2004?

Is there anybody out there?


Dems Pocket $52 Million, CNN Ignores Evidence,and Officials Stonewall...What Vote Fraud?

Support Bev!


Bush Stole The Election Poster


Media Blackout on Election Fraud by Media News Group

Media news group has initiated a near total blackout on coverage of the election fraud issue, an issue that could potentially remove the republicans from office, thereby resulting in the election of a government less friendly to loosening of FCC cross ownership law, severely hampering their ability to merge, acquire and thus grow. This could force them to divest themselves of properties, limit their ability to control advertising rates and information, destroy their growth potential. That is, if fraud where proven and the elections invalidated.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Mosh Continues

The Eminem Mosh video has a new ending, post election. Read, watch, and listen here. This is the beginning, not the end...


The Election Was Stolen - MP3

And now for your listening pleasure...


GAO to Investigate Voting Irregularies


Did Dubbya rig the election?


Falwell's Thanksgiving message: "I thank God" for Hannity, Limbaugh, FOX, NewsMax, WorldNetDaily, and The Drudge Report

Not strictly election related, but it tells us much about Falwell and his kind.


New Ohio voter transcripts feed floodtide of doubt about Republican election manipulation

Very disturbing, sworn testimonials.

Now, you can call this a glitch, you can call this a design flaw, you can call it a bologna sandwich if you want, but whatever you call it, that machine nearly threw out and neutralized my vote for John Kerry.


Errors in exit polls still a puzzle to many

Op-Ed piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer


Election officials gave wrong information about provisional ballots - revealed in affidavit.

...and thousands of provisional ballots were discarded.


Jim Crow Strikes Again

Making every vote count:

Stealing votes in Columbus:

How a Republican election supervisor manipulated the 2004 central Ohio vote, in black and white

It's only fair that Republicans should be able to vote faster that Democrats, right?


Wednesday, November 24, 2004


It's dirt simple. If Americans want every vote to count, then Americans - not machines - must count every vote.


The Unexplained Election Poll Discrepancy - Part I

Interesting report from the University of Pennsylvania on the unusual exit poll numbers. People riot in the streets for days in the Ukraine over stuff like this.


No changes in final Warren Co. vote count

E-mails released Monday show lockdown pre-planned


Volusia County lawsuit alleges irregularities in Nov. 2, 2004 election

Many public records, including one signed results tape from a voting machine were found in the trash. Many of the requested records not furnished by the Elections office have been found in the trash. Results from the tapes found in the trash do not match the results of the copies of tapes furnished.


$200,000 Reward for evidence of vote fraud in the presidential election


Zogby Vs. Mitofsky (Keith Olbermann)

And they, along with the voting irregularities so thoroughly chronicled on the net (and still just seeping into the mainstream media), created an atmosphere that Zogby thinks requires broad remedy: “I think it's in the interests of the nation that we study what happened in this election and widen that, let's study what happened with the exit polls, and let's come out with a definitive conclusions by a blue ribbon panel to restore the legitimacy of this election.”

Zogby thinks he knows the steps to take to do that. The first is for those who are raising questions, to keep doing so. “I can reassure them they’re not crazy for asking. It’s not just those who are far out, it is indeed many respectable, responsible people.” The pollster says he’s heard from thousands of them, asking him to get involved in their various causes and investigations, so many he can’t answer them all.


Mail-in ballots give Oregon voters control

Excellent arguments for voting exclusively by mail.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Judge rejects swift Ohio recount

Read the story.

GAO to investigate election complaints



Hmmmm? A double standard? Talk about hypocrisy.


US Election: Democracy in Question


8,099 Cuyahoga ballots ruled invalid

Hey, lets wait for hours to invalidly vote.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Third-party candidates seek Ohio recount


Hanging Chads and Hanging Participles (Keith Olbermann)

“Kerry/Edwards Campaign Joins Ohio Recount”


Media largely ignored Berkeley study on Florida voting irregularities

The silence is perplexing, if not deafening...


Ballot and Voting Issues Arising in Battleground States

Pending lawsuits for the 2004 election.


How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush

It's the lines, stupid!


Relax about Ohio, Relax about the guy tailing me (Keith Olbermann)

Things are happening. Now everyone adjust your tin foil helmets...


Saving Your Right to Vote

This is an important read. We are between a rock and a hard place. We must vote to change the system so that our elections are fair. Hmmm?


Sunday, November 21, 2004

Florida ballot papers go missing

Oldie but goody. Who can forget the amazing, disappearing 58,000 missing absentee ballots in Democratic Broward County, Florida?

Judge Denies G.O.P. in Recount in Washington Governor's Race

Stop the hand counting in King County while Rossi is ahead, says the Republicans. Funny, they haven't complained about the hand counting in the Republican counties.


2004 Stolen Election Protest in Denver



Electronic Voting: The Stolen Election of 2004

Something to think about.

How I Stole Your Election by G.W. Bush


How To Rig An Election in the US

Inside a U.S. Election Counting Program

Sludge Report #154 – Bigger Than Watergate!

U.S. Election Integrity Flaw Discovered At Diebold

Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines


Internal Diebold Memos (might take a while to download - these sights keep getting hit)

Liberals, the election is over, live with it

This article is devoid of any true analysis, only seeking to name call and pooh-pooh real concerns about our voting process. “Their paranoia won’t be washed away by any investigation.” Oh really. When was the investigation? I must have missed it in my “paranoid” state.

The author either has an agenda or does not understand the pertinent facts of the charge. Her whole “analysis” is based on a few fringe claims. For a look at the real issues, I have followed the post of her article with one from Salon by Greg Palast. Where does her “analysis “ mention any of these known facts, including the massive disenfranchisement in Democratic strongholds by shortchanging the number of voting machines?

Paranoia is defined as “a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.” I see nothing excessive or irrational in the facts of the case. The author is delusional if she believes voting was untainted in the state of Ohio, for example. Paranoia is an easy claim to make, but I must say the lady doeth protest too much.

Liberals, the election is over, live with it

And now for the real facts:

Why Kerry ConcededThough He Had the Most Votes

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Academia still fixated on November 2

This report is fixated on the exit polling. The exit polls are simply one harbinger that something might be amiss. CNN fails to mention the fact that the most inaccurate voting machines were placed in Democrat strongholds (mainly minority voters), resulting in no votes being registered by the thousands. These ballots need to be hand counted. Nor do they address the gross lack of voting machines in these same areas, resulting in massive disenfranchisement due to inordinate waiting times. You might think CNN would at the very least be interested in the latter facts. I guess Jim Crow isn't good for ratings?

UC Berkeley Study of Florida Election Anomalies


Didn't you run for president once? (Keith Olbermann)

Speculation on Kerry's post election psyche.


ELECTION FRAUD 2004 ! - Another Stolen Election ?

Lots of links to apropos sites.


Coalition's Support of Voting Machines Causes Confusion

Problem? What problem?


Franklin County, Ohio voting machine assignments

There were fewer voting machines for Kerry strongholds. How convenient...


Ohio Presidential Results to be Challenged


State to probe Gaston election

The number of votes must match the number of votes cast, and a Diebold technician can not help count the votes? Since when?


Voting irregularities

The silence is hurting my ears.

Media downplays vote-counting problems

Thank you for your McVote. Would you like fries with that?

Lawyers Plan To Challenge Election Results

Those pesky lawyers, civil rights groups, and citizens. Why won't they just leave us alone?


Friday, November 19, 2004

Nader-requested recount in N.H. moving slowly


Letter From Kerry To Supporters Today

I want to thank you personally for what you did in the election -- you rewrote the book on grassroots politics, taking control of campaigns away from big donors. No campaign will ever be the same.

You moved voters, helped hold George Bush accountable, and countered the attacks from big news organizations such as Fox, Sinclair Broadcasting, and conservative talk radio.

And your efforts count now more than ever. Despite the words of cooperation and moderate sounding promises, this administration is planning a right wing assault on values and ideals we hold most deeply. Healthy debate and diverse opinion are being eliminated from the State Department and CIA, and the cabinet is being remade to rubber stamp policies that will undermine Social Security, balloon the deficit, avoid real reforms in health care and education, weaken homeland security, and walk away from critical allies around the world.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, once all the votes are counted -- and they will be counted -- we will continue to challenge this administration. This is not a time for Democrats to retreat and accommodate extremists on critical principles -- it is a time to stand firm.

I will fight for a national standard for federal elections that has both transparency and accountability in our voting system. It's unacceptable in the United States that people still don't have full confidence in the integrity of the voting process.

I ask you to join me in this cause.

And we must fight not only against George Bush's extreme policies -- we must also uphold our own values. This is why on the first day Congress is in session next year, I will introduce a bill to provide every child in America with health insurance. And, with your help, that legislation will be accompanied by the support of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There are more than eight million uninsured children in our nation.

That's eight million reasons for us to stay together and fight for a new direction. It is a disgrace that in the wealthiest nation on earth, eight million children go without health insurance.

Normally, a member of the Senate will first approach other senators and ask them to co-sponsor a bill before it is introduced -- instead, I am turning to you. Imagine the power of a bill co-sponsored by hundreds of thousands of Americans being presented on the floor of the United States Senate. You can make it happen. Sign our "Every Child Protected" pledge today and forward it to your family, friends, and neighbors:


This is the beginning of a second term effort to hold the Bush administration accountable and to stand up and fight for our principles and our values. They want you to disappear; they are counting on that. I'm confident you will prove them wrong, and you will rewrite history again.

Here is what I want you to know. I understand the strength, commitment, and passion that are at the core of what we built together -- and I am determined to make our collective energy and organization a force to be reckoned with in the weeks and months ahead.

Let's roll up our sleeves and get back to work for our country.

Thank you,

John Kerry

Harry Truman Speech from 1952 Rings True Today

An excerpt from the speech, could have been written today:

I've seen it happen time after time. When the Democratic candidate allows himself to be put on the defensive and starts apologizing for the New Deal and the fair Deal, and says he really doesn't believe in them, he is sure to lose. The people don't want a phony Democrat. If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat, and I don't want any phony Democratic candidates in this campaign.

But when a Democratic candidate goes out and explains what the New Deal and fair Deal really are--when he stands up like a man and puts the issues before the people--then Democrats can win, even in places where they have never won before. It has been proven time and again.

We are getting a lot of suggestions to the effect that we ought to water down our platform and abandon parts of our program. These, my friends, are Trojan horse suggestions. I have been in politics for over 30 years, and I know what I am talking about, and I believe I know something about the business. One thing I am sure of: never, never throw away a winning program. This is so elementary that I suspect the people handing out this advice are not really well-wishers of the Democratic Party.

Read the full speech here.

Recount New Hampshire


Hearings on Ohio voting put 2004 election in doubt


University researchers challenge Bush win in Florida

Read it here.

Counting Ohio provisional ballots (David Shuster)


Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked


More missing ballots turn up in Pinellas




How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version


Exit Polls and Voter Fraud: A User-Friendly Explanation


11/11/04: MSNBC looks at 2004 election fraud.


VoterGate Documentary

Votergate is the investigative documentary feature film uncovering the truth about new computer voting systems, which allow a few powerful corporations to record our votes in secret.


'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida


Ohio Recount Must Start Now!